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What is حساب كتاب
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What is حساب كتاب

Hassab Kitab (HB) is a complete Financial and Inventory Management Software enabling your organization to make it easy to manage your business in very convenient fashion. You can rely on HB to meet all your accounting and Inventory needs.

SME (Small to Medium enterprises) can use HB as a general ledger system. With this mode of operation, all business transactions are entered into the general journal or special journals. As transactions are entered by a voucher, they are edited, and all special journals, the general journal, the general ledger account files, the balance sheet, the subsidiary ledger account files, and the financial statement files are created and concurrently updated.

With the state of the art GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the availability of online help makes HB very easy to use, but if you may require a further assistance we may provide you a free training that makes you easy to understand the system. We also do understand every business has some uniqueness can provide you customized version according to your business needs.

Company Profile

sns technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Solution Provider developing web based as well as desktop enterprise solutions for its customer in Pakistan as well as overseas markets. We also provide support services to ensure that we are there when our customers need us.

At sns technologies we give attention to every detail and ensure the delivery of high quality software, enabling our customers to improve their productivity and increase their return on investment.

We also build strong and long term relationship with our customers and ensure that we are always at forefront for providing best possible solutions to the changing business needs of our customers.

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