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حساب كتاب FAQ
What is Hassab Kitab?

Hassab Kitab (HB) is business management software that enables you to manage your inventory and financial accounting system. It also provides contact management system including your employees, customer, vendors and others.

Which package is suitable for me?

This really depends upon your requirements and our technical staff can help you to identify a suitable package for you.

How can I make payment?

You can make payment either by check or cash if you are paying by check please write check to sns Technologies.

What is meant by subscription?

We constantly upgrade our software based upon our users feed back and usually release an upgrade including enhancements and new features every three months so if you opt to buy “Advance” or “Premium” package you are will be entitled to get free upgrades for six months and one year respectively.

Why do I need support for?

We as a software company not just sell you the software but also ensure that we are there when you need us. When you buy our software our technical staff will ensure that you are fully equipped to use the software once they have completed the training sessions with you but usually it takes a little while to get a complete hang of the software and therefore would require some help and support.

What happens if my support period expires and I need help?

Once your support period is expired, you can renew your support subscription, please contact our sales staff for further details.

What is software customization?

We understand every business is unique and might have some business processes that are unique to your business; software customization would enable you to include those specific business requirements into the software.

What if I need customization in the software?

Our software services will enable you to make any customization to the software. Please contact our sales staff for further details.

How do you provide support?

We usually prefer to provide support remotely which is cheaper option but if this is not possible we have arrangements to provide you on site support which charged separately, please contact our sales staff for further details.

What is remote support?

If there are problems and you would need some assistance our support staff will access your system remotely to fix any problems or provide you any required assistance.

Company Profile

sns technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Solution Provider developing web based as well as desktop enterprise solutions for its customer in Pakistan as well as overseas markets. We also provide support services to ensure that we are there when our customers need us.

At sns technologies we give attention to every detail and ensure the delivery of high quality software, enabling our customers to improve their productivity and increase their return on investment.

We also build strong and long term relationship with our customers and ensure that we are always at forefront for providing best possible solutions to the changing business needs of our customers.

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