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Product Overview

Hassab Kitab (HB) is a complete Financial and Inventory Management Software enabling your organization to make it easy to manage your business in very convenient fashion. You can rely on HB to meet all your accounting and Inventory needs.

SME (Small to Medium enterprises) can use HB as a general ledger system. With this mode of operation, all business transactions are entered into the general journal or special journals. As transactions are entered by a voucher, they are edited, and all special journals, the general journal 

Key Features
Six levels Chart of Account.             
Double entry system with voucher posting option.
Wide range of financial and inventory reports.
User friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), that either used by keyboard or mouse.
Wide range of search criteria allowing you to search your database according to your requirement.
Role Based User Management system.
You can keep track to all changes for a document using Audit trail System.
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